Mahakosh Soya Oil Tin 15L

1,660.00 1,264.39

  • Premium Quality Soyabean oil
  • Natural Taste and neutral odour
  • used as a cooking medium in all Indian dishes
  • Cholesterol free
  • Hygienically packed


Mahakosh Presents this Tin of Soyabean oil at a reasonable rate. Soyabean oil is used for various purposes which includes baking, frying, cooking and salad dressing. This cooking oil makes relishing Indian delicacies that are generally spicy in flavour. further soyabean oil is rich in protein and has high antioxidants so one can use this oil for body massage and soften skin. Since soyabean oil is free from cholesterol, it is healthy and can be used for both medicinal and non medicinal purposes.

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15 Ltr


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